Factors to Consider when Purchasing Cheap Stock Photos from Stock Photo Agencies


Are you ready to begin your journey in purchasing cheap stock photos? If you are, then you will know that there are tons of options in the market. Multiple cheap stock photo sites are all around the internet – each with unique features to offer the creative community. Do not take this a bad thing for you will have loads of choices. Instead, use the following factors when comparing cheap stock photos to find the right agency for you, click here.


Prices vary from one cheap stock photo site to another, but they are not drastically distant. They are commonly determined by image quality, resolution and licensing.

Image Quality

Image quality refers to the clarity and cleanliness of cheap stock photography. It also refers to its artistic characteristics such as the use of color, lighting, composition, framing and focus.

Image Resolution

Image resolution refers to the size of the image. The standard resolution for web use is 72 dpi (dots per inch). For print, it is 150 dpi to 300 dpi. In choosing a stock photo site, make sure that it offers the resolution you require.

Usage Licenses

What type of license do you require for your image purchases? Once you determine this, you need to make sure if the stock photo agency you choose offer the same type of license. Most stock companies offer Standard licensing which includes royalty-free and rights-managed images. If you need cheap stock images for special uses, you need to acquire an Extended license for an extra cost.


Saturation refers to the overuse of cheap photos. As you already know, stock sites have proliferated and have lowered their prices, which led to the widespread of certain top rated images. To avoid purchasing over-used images, compare companies and look for popularity info and image ratings. Make sure the company tracks and displays the number of times a stock photo cheap has been purchased, downloaded and used.

Comping Images

Comping images refer to the low resolution stock photos that you can use to lay out the image in your design before purchasing. This will allow you to see if the photo fits your theme or niche.

Model Release

A model release is necessary if you are purchasing images with human faces or other identifiable body parts. It is necessary to prevent possible legal and financial damages in the future. So, make sure that your stock photo site has model releases on file.

Search Tools

Make sure you choose a cheap stock photo site with easy to use search tools to help you find what you are looking for quickly. You should be able to search by category or keyword, easily browse catalogues and view previews of the images. The keywords should also be accurate to save you numerous hours.

Say Goodbye To Typical Photos With Photocase Photography


Are you tired of seeing the same typical images in the Internet? Do you want to try something unique for a change? That may be impossible before as ordinary stock images are distributed among stock photo agencies by their creators. Fortunately, some brilliant minds in Berlin have thought about the importance of extraordinary images, which are exclusive to the website alone.

If you ask bloggers and designers who are constantly in search of the right images, you will learn that different stock photo agencies contain many identical images. This defeats their whole purpose of standing out from their competitors. Photocase provides them with the opportunity to get images, available to a single website, read the full Photocase review here. Most importantly, it saves them from the financial and legal risks of copyright infringement.

What makes typical images boring? Imagine yourself in a daily work routine. You wake up in the morning, go to work, go home, sleep and repeat. You do that 7 days a week. How would you feel? Typical images are like that. There is nothing special about them. They all look familiar with their unnatural poses. You have no expectations because, just like your daily routines, they are predictable, learn more here.

On the other hand, Photocase photography is like the little surprises in your day to day activities. It is like you wake in the morning, you go to work, go home, sleep, and repeat, but with sweet feelings and true experiences in between like dropping by for coffee before going home. Photocase images are authentic, modern and inspiring. They are out of the ordinary and are the best way to complete your message.

Photocase Coupon Code

Now that the difference between typical stock images and photography has been settled, we want to share with you good news! Photocase itself offers users unique, high quality images for prices that fit any budget. But, there is another way to get further discounts and even free credits to get your favorite images. Yes, that’s right! There are Photocase coupons that are given by affiliated websites. You can check here for bookmarks.

It is important that you only deal with affiliated websites to make sure that you are getting active coupon codes. Currently, stockphotosecrets.com offers 3 free credits + 25% discount when you register to Photocase through its link. Since many websites claim to offer coupon codes, be vigilant. Do not just trust any website. Trust only those affiliated with the website to make sure you are getting free credits and discounts.

Are you ready to say goodbye to typical stock and images and say hello to Photocase? Be different. Get unique images to complete your creative projects. Be inspired with Photocase photography.

Dollar Photo Club Alternative: The Start of Something Better


Many have been disappointed to see the Dollar Photo Club go, but this could be a start of something better. The stock photo website has been in business for two years. It was acquired by Adobe Stock in January, which leads to its closure in less than a month. Current members only have less than a month to access its services. After that, they will be no longer allowed to access their unused downloads, member area, and purchase history.

Dollar Photo Club members will, however, have access to their unused downloads if they move to Adobe Stock. They will be given exclusive benefits for one year, which allows them to use their unused downloads and avail discounted monthly rates. After one year, they will be billed with the standard AS subscription rate – unless they cancel. Sad as we are to see the stock site close, we hope that their customers’ transition to Adobe Stock will be seamless.

On the other hand, something better is present on the other side of the fence. With the DPC closing, members can sign up to another stock photo website that provides a better offer. We are talking about Stock Photo Secrets’ 99 Club. The stock site is giving its newest members, Dollar Photo Club members and non-members alike, the best stock photos deal in the market. For only $99 per year, over 200 images (of any size) can be downloaded to suit any creative project.

What makes 99 Club a better Dollar Photo Club alternative?

99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets offers fairly the same kind of services as the Dollar Photo Club. They both have an affordable annual subscription plan, high quality royalty-free images, and a growing collection of high resolution images. They also have an everlasting feature, where image downloads never expire. They also have exclusive, straightforward prices with no additional fees. Moreover, they are both available for limited members only, see here.

However, there are a few but important differences between the websites. Unlike the Dollar Photo Club, 99 Club is here to stay. It is only associated with Stock Photo Secrets, which has been around for over 10 years. It also offers twice the image downloads for the price of $99 per year. Yes, you can download 200 XXL images for annual subscription and purchase additional images for only $0.99 each. Moreover, it has no auto-renew feature so you do not have to worry about cancelling your subscription at the end of the year.

If you are looking for a better Dollar Photo Club alternative, 99 Club is the stock photo website for you. It has everything you love about the DPC and more. It has only limited availability so you should take up the offer now!


6 Insider Tips to Help You Find the Right Alamy Stock Images


Alamy’s expert image research team finds the perfect images very quickly. It seems they know the secret to landing the best stock images out there, so creative professionals can complete their various projects. Thankfully, the stock site shares its knowledge about effective image search to help beginner and seasoned professionals with their creative projects.

  • Use image categories. Are you stuck with your image search? The stock photo website gives you inspiration from awesome Alamy stock images, click here for Alamy review. Try out one of the over 50 categories to find the latest and the best content. Whatever you are working on, you will surely find inspiration in some of the popular categories, such as Business, Travel, and Wildlife.
  • Find images of the same photographer. If you love the works of a specific photographer, you do not have to scour through every photo just to find his work. Alamy shows you similar images from the same photographer with the “More” button. Most often, you will find images with the same model on different poses and settings which could be exactly what you need.
  • Search according to color. Are you using a specific palette for your company? If you are searching for images in your brand colors, this tool will help you filter search results by color. Just choose the color you like to use and type in the code.
  • Use the search bar. Probably the most common search tool, the search bar allows you to find the image you are looking for by filtering your searches. To Alamy stock images, check the boxes to select your license type and release preference. You can also click on the drop down arrow of the search bar to choose among photos, illustrations, videos, live news and mobile.
  • Roll over the image. Find more details about the image by rolling over the thumbnail of the image in the search results. By doing so, you will be able to see the caption and learn more about the image, such as who and what is the subject of the image, and where it was taken.

  • Build a lightbox. Alamy is one of the few stock photo agencies that feature lightboxes to help you save your favorite images. A lightbox allows you to place all the image you love in one place so you can come back and review them later. Of course, you will need to set up an account with the website to start saving images.

These are simple but effective ways to find the right Alamy stock images for your creative projects. You can use some of them to find images not only in Alamy, but other stock websites as well. In addition, Alamy’s website redesign will certainly make the image search easier and faster.

Searching for Corbis Stock Footage at Getty


You may have heard about one of the most exciting news in the stock media industry already. Two of the largest stock media agencies have merged to create the largest image and video collection to date. While not all images and footages will be moved to Getty Images, you will still have access to the best and most popular Corbis Motion and Corbis Images in the stock site.

How can you find Corbis stock footage at Getty’s library? Follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Click the Video menu on the bottom left corner of the webpage.
  • Enter Corbis in the search bar, then press enter or click search.
  • Find the Corbis stock footage that will complete your creative project.
  • To narrow down your results, click the Find and Sort button. You can choose to sort footage by newest, best match, oldest and most popular. You can also narrow down your choices to royalty-free or rights-ready. Other options to narrow down your results are also available, such as available formats, video type, location, number of people, age and many more.
  • Hover your mouse to the image to add it to undefined, add to your cart or view similar images.

At the moment, not more than 70 Corbis stock footage are available in the stock media agency. As mentioned, only the best and most popular videos were moved to Getty Images. You can purchase Corbis videos a la carte or via Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks are bulk item packs that come with specific volumes of downloads at discounted prices

Getty Images is not only known for its high quality stock assets but also for its highly searchable library. It’s easy to navigate website helps you find the Corbis stock footage you are looking for easily and fast. The stock site’s pricing is also available to various budget levels – thanks to its introduction of Ultrapacks.

Getty Images Coupon Code for the Ultimate Getty Experience


Getty Images provides the world’s most powerful imagery, with pricing to support any project and budget. It has been around the stock media industry for decades and has continued to innovate through significant acquisitions of other stunning content. Getty Images now owns and manages iStock and merges with Corbis to create the most comprehensive and diverse stock library in the market. It’s no surprise that its stock media service has one of the richest content and licensing terms.


Getty Images offers commercial ready and editorial stock content. Whatever your intended use might be, you can surely find what you’re looking for at the stock site. There’s a lot to know about Getty’s offerings, but these are some key points:

  • Getty has over 200 million content in its library now.
  • It has a huge collection of stock footage – over 50,000 hours of film.
  • Additional media are also available such as images and stills.
  • Commercial ready and editorial content are up for grabs.
  • It also includes archival collections from high profile partners such as BBC Motion and Nat Geo.
  • Licenses offered are Rights Managed and Royalty Free.
  • You can purchase content with Ultrapacks or a la carte.
  • The stock site has a wide pricing range that varies according to usage, amount of rights, clip size and resolution.
  • Their library is highly organized with great functionality to discover content.

getty-images-250Getty Images has flexible purchasing images tailored to the way you work. You can purchase Ultrapacks or get custom-rights and exclusive buyouts. But, getting a Getty Images coupon code, is not a bad idea too. As long as you have a Getty account, you can discover spectacular content, which is backed by leading protection and services in the industry. You can also transcend stock with the site’s best and most distinctive creative imagery.

There are also negative points in Getty Images’ offer. It is more expensive compared to microstock agencies. The stock media agency’s lowest stock footage prices are even at the same price level as the medium and high resolution footages of Shutterstock and Pond for example. What they do have, however, is the Getty spirit. When you purchase footage from Getty Images, you stand apart from your competitors and other companies.

Another negative is the complicated system of buying editorial footage. Editorial footage includes rights-ready license, so the only way to buy them is a la carte. Its price is higher than its royalty-free counterpart too. Plus, you can’t buy them with Ultrapacks. Amidst these drawbacks, Getty Images till rise to the standards and expectations of many creative professionals. Their rich content and organized library outweighs the negatives.

Ultrapacks and Getty Images coupon code also make the stock site more accessible to individuals and corporations of varying budget levels. If you are looking for great content at discount prices and to complete your projects faster, this is the option for you!

Getty Image Pricing and Buying Options


getty-images-250Getty Images is one of the most popular stock media agencies in the market not only because of it high quality stock assets, but also because of it time and money sensitive buying options. The stock site allows you to purchase visual content in two ways: a la carte and Ultrapacks. Many creative professionals were unable to access Getty’s large library in the past because of the steep Getty Image pricing from this link. But, everything has changed now.

A la Carte

Getty Images provide their customers with the opportunity to purchase license a la carte. This means that with or without an account, you can access the stock site’s library. With an account, you can add to your purchases and receive invoice later or debit the costs from your credit card. On the other hand, you need to purchase a license with a credit card only if you don’t have an account.

Once you find the stock footage you need, you can add them to your cart and pay for the total costs in a simple online payment process. If the image you need falls under the Rights-Ready license, you will have to follow certain steps from the pop-up window. Of course, you will need to specify your intended use to get the final Getty Image pricing. This process can take time. That’s why the stock site offered another way that is simpler, faster and offers great discounts.



Ultrapacks are a great option to purchase images and stock footage alike. They are bulk media packs that allow you to download a certain number of assets for a discounted price. You pay for your image or footage downloads upfront and use them whenever you need them. Ultrapacks come in different sizes and resolutions. Each pack cuts a percentage from regular a la carte Getty Image pricing. So the large the pack you purchase, the greater your discounts. In fact, you can get as high as 30% discount – which represents thousands of dollars on a large pack of 25 stock footage.

The discounts are not the only benefits with Ultrapacks. Your stock downloads never expire too. As long as you log in to your account at least once in every 12 months, your account will stay active and you can download stock assets whenever you want. Since the clips are already paid for, you can choose and purchase the videos you want in a simpler and faster way. If you are looking for amazing quality stock at discounted prices, this is the option for you.

Getty Images made their collection more accessible by allowing bloggers, web designers and small business owners to purchase visual content at a lesser rate. They Getty Image pricing and buying options that will not hurt the pockets of small players in the industry.

What can you get with a Getty Coupon?


Many creative professionals are looking for ways to download premium content without them breaking the bank. That’s why many website have emerged to distribute stock photo coupons. Unfortunately, one of the best stock photo agencies does not offer a Getty coupon to cut back on its images’ original prices. However, it does offer something that is just as good. We are talking about Ultrapacks – a new way to purchase images on demand at Getty Images.

About Getty Images


Getty Images prides itself as the most renowned stock agency to offer powerful imagery. It has over 50 million high quality images in its library from over 250,000 talented photographers and artists from around the world. Over 2,000 global employees from 20 offices are responsible for the website’s success. It serves both small and large creative agencies, corporations and media with powerful content to fuel their communications.

About Ultrapacks


Ultrapacks are a new offering by the stock site that work just like a good Getty coupon. They allow you to stock up and save on spectacular imagery from the stock photo agency. It offers simple pricing, unrivaled depth and breadth, and convenience and value. You do not have to worry about print runs, impressions and monetary indemnifications as they are unlimited. You also do not have to worry about expiration dates. Just access and purchase all creative royalty-free and editorial images.

What are the benefits of buying Ultrapacks?

  • They let you explore a huge collection. You can access over 50 million high quality images, including creative royalty-free and editorial. With a library this big, you will surely find what you are looking for. Whether they are for your blog or website, there is a perfect image out there.
  • They offer the best value. Ultrapacks have built-in savings. Unlike a Getty coupon, you do not have to apply any code to see your savings. Just purchase a pack and you will see your discount.
  • They don’t expire. With Ultrapacks, you do not have to worry about expiration dates. Just sign in to your account at least once in a year and download images whenever you need them. On the other hand, a Getty coupon is only valid through a period of time.
  • They are flexible and offer broad usage rights. The images are available for multiple uses. You can use them in print, digital, broadcast and social media. They do not have print run and impressions limits, too. Moreover, they do not have monetary limits on indemnifications.

If you want to save more licensing images, you should purchase Ultrapacks. They allow you to access images from one of the most renowned stock photo agencies in the market at a cheaper price. What are you waiting for? Do not miss this chance. Buy an Ultrapack and enjoy savings like from a Getty coupon now!


How to Save Money with a Bigstock Coupon Code


bigstock homepageOne of the most common questions asked by bloggers, web designers and businesspersons is, “How do you know which coupons to use?” Coupons in the creative industry play a great part in the success of every creative project. Creative professionals use them to purchase the perfect images for their work. That’s why it is important for them to know which coupons to use. Here are some tips on how coupon works and which one to look out for when trying to save money.

Most people get overwhelmed by the type of stock photo coupons and their terms and conditions. The most common ones are those that provide a certain discount on images on demand and subscription plans. For instance, the current Bigstock coupon code offers 15% discount on credit packages and also 15% discount on image subscriptions. Coupons also usually have expiration dates. And, these particular Bigstock coupons are valid through December 31, 2016.

Another Bigstock coupon is currently offered for new customers only. This requires a new customer to sign up to the website through a link and to purchase a 25 image. What do you get in return? You get 10 free credits which allows you to download 10 images free of charge. The coupon is also valid through December 31, 2016. That’s the thing with coupons. They have expiration dates, so you have to hurry and redeem them at the soonest time possible.

bigstocksmalllogoThere are different types of a Bigstock coupon code, click here to read it. Some provide discounts on images on demand. Others offer discounts on subscription plans. A few give free credits or images so you can download more. Coupons also have a lot of variances, such as how much the value off is and how many can you use at one time. Despite these differences, all coupons have one thing in common – they help you save money.

What type of Bigstock coupon code should you look out for?

When looking for Bigstock coupon, there are two types you should look out for: safe and manufacturer’s coupons. A safe coupon is the most common type of coupons. It is distributed by affiliated websites of Bigstock. To find these, you can check out websites and blogs. On the other hand, a manufacturer’s coupon is from the stock photo website itself. It may be harder to come by since not all stock agencies offer them. But when they do, they are usually of high value.

When looking for a Bigstock coupon code, it is important that you get them from a reliable website. There are a number of scam sites in the Internet and you should be careful in dealing with them. Check if your prospective coupon source is affiliated to the stock photo website to make sure you are getting valid and active ones.

Choosing Cheap Stock Images for Digital Marketing


smiling team with printed photos working in officeChoosing the right cheap stock images is important in digital marketing. It ensures that blog posts, websites and fliers of entrepreneurs and small businesses all visually work together. Picking the best images is a challenge but necessary for you to establish a modern and consistent brand image. Stock photography plays an important role in the overall success of your brand.

When choosing cheap stock images to represent your company’s brand, Take note of the following tips:

  • Choose a vibrant image.
  • Consider your target audience.
  • Use high quality, high resolution stock images.
  • Engage your readers.
  • Stay within the copyright law.
  • Choose relevant stock images.
  • Use creativity.

When choosing stock images for digital marketing, vibrant images tend to attract more attention than a dated or dull image. Match your brand with bold colors to suggest excitement and action. By choosing the right mix of images, you are implying that you care about your brand. In return, you can promote positive views of your products and services. On the other hand, using cheap images with low resolution hits your brand image immediately.

The preference and needs of your audience is paramount. You do not only want to capture their attention, you need to draw them into making an action. To make sure that your stock images are contemporary to the age and income ranges of your audience, review your demographic data. Engage them, but do not annoy them. Pick appropriate images and not offensive ones to avoid creating the wrong kind of buzz.

Stay within the copyright laws without compromising relevance. Using unlicensed images carries a very high risk for financial and legal damages. If you want to avoid hefty fines and immediate hits to your reputation, do not download images illegally. Instead, set up an account to one or more stock photo agencies. Then, purchase and download images that are relevant to your main offerings.

Most of all, when choosing cheap stock images for digital marketing, use creativity. In the age of social sharing, you can increase the odds of users sharing your message across various social networks if you incorporate creative and fun images. How do you know the images are fun and creative? They are bold and vibrant with high quality and resolution.


Choosing the right cheap stock images plays an important role in the success of your digital marketing. If you want to represent yourself in a professional manner and establish a fresh brand, make sure you follow the above tips on choosing stock images. The rights stock images do not only increase the visual aspect of your digital marketing. It also draws your target audience to complete an action. In a word, it ensures the overall success of your brand.