Choosing Cheap Stock Images for Digital Marketing


smiling team with printed photos working in officeChoosing the right cheap stock images is important in digital marketing. It ensures that blog posts, websites and fliers of entrepreneurs and small businesses all visually work together. Picking the best images is a challenge but necessary for you to establish a modern and consistent brand image. Stock photography plays an important role in the overall success of your brand.

When choosing cheap stock images to represent your company’s brand, Take note of the following tips:

  • Choose a vibrant image.
  • Consider your target audience.
  • Use high quality, high resolution stock images.
  • Engage your readers.
  • Stay within the copyright law.
  • Choose relevant stock images.
  • Use creativity.

When choosing stock images for digital marketing, vibrant images tend to attract more attention than a dated or dull image. Match your brand with bold colors to suggest excitement and action. By choosing the right mix of images, you are implying that you care about your brand. In return, you can promote positive views of your products and services. On the other hand, using cheap images with low resolution hits your brand image immediately.

The preference and needs of your audience is paramount. You do not only want to capture their attention, you need to draw them into making an action. To make sure that your stock images are contemporary to the age and income ranges of your audience, review your demographic data. Engage them, but do not annoy them. Pick appropriate images and not offensive ones to avoid creating the wrong kind of buzz.

Stay within the copyright laws without compromising relevance. Using unlicensed images carries a very high risk for financial and legal damages. If you want to avoid hefty fines and immediate hits to your reputation, do not download images illegally. Instead, set up an account to one or more stock photo agencies. Then, purchase and download images that are relevant to your main offerings.

Most of all, when choosing cheap stock images for digital marketing, use creativity. In the age of social sharing, you can increase the odds of users sharing your message across various social networks if you incorporate creative and fun images. How do you know the images are fun and creative? They are bold and vibrant with high quality and resolution.


Choosing the right cheap stock images plays an important role in the success of your digital marketing. If you want to represent yourself in a professional manner and establish a fresh brand, make sure you follow the above tips on choosing stock images. The rights stock images do not only increase the visual aspect of your digital marketing. It also draws your target audience to complete an action. In a word, it ensures the overall success of your brand.

5 Beautiful Public Lightboxes from Photocase


Lightboxes are collections of photos created by users. They are often used to download, share and categorize images. There are also many other things you can do with your lightboxes. You can rename it, copy or move selected images, and delete it. They are the best way to organize your images for easier downloading and sharing. Today, we want to share with you the top 5 public lightboxes from Photocases.


  • Trees. A lightbox created by inkje, it contains 57 photos of nature. There you will find beautiful pictures of trees and forests. The authentic pictures of Mother Nature will surely bring you awe and inspiration for your next creative project. In fact, there is nothing more inspiring that getting in touch with the environment.


  • Under and above water. A collection by LMDB, this lightbox contains 13 photos of the sea and its beautiful creatures. You will find images of shells, waves, water, and sea animals. Images of other activities are also included such as snorkeling and diving. If your theme for the summer is going under or above the sea, you will surely find a great photo to complement your blog post from this collection.


  • Berlin. Are you a travel blogger and you just happened to blog about Berlin? If you are worried about the quality of your travel photos, this lightbox by Pixel Clown gives you 14 awesome pictures of Berlin cityscapes to match your journey. Come and take a look at the collection and see for yourself. You will surely be amazed. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Berlin.


  • Butterflies . Who doesn’t love butterflies? This collection is created by behrchen encouraging everyone to have at least one butterfly. From her photos, you will surely want to have one, too. This lightbox of 30 photos features butterflies in all shapes, sizes and colors. Are you working on a science project about these beautiful creatures? Take a pick from images shared by the user to establish your core.


  • Thirst. Obey your thirst. Take a plunge in this amazing collection by complize. This summer, you will surely not get dehydrated upon seeing these photos. As what they always say: Beat the heat! This lightbox definitely tells you how to do it.

We hope you can find inspiration from these public lightboxes, generously shared by some of the users. They will not only help you with your creative needs; it will also support the photographers by downloading. Don’t worry! Photocase photography is affordable. In fact, it can be more affordable with a Photocase coupon from affiliated websites. Register via link to avail of Photocase free credits and further discounts. Register now!

Adobe Stock Launches with Fotolia


Fotolia’s standard photo collections have been added to the platform of Adobe Stock. As most of you know, Adobe strives to work within the creative industry by giving photographers their due compensation and the users with authorized images. The company aims to expand towards a multi-billion dollar sharing economy with the creative folks, including photographers and users. It hopes to achieve all these through its alliance with Fotolia.

Creative Cloud Integration: What’s in it for customers?

The integration of Creative Cloud with Adobe Stock allows existing members of the software application to launch Adobe Stock directly within the CC desktop software. Then, they can add watermarked or licenses images directly to their libraries, allowing them to access and work on them for their final creative project across multiple desktop tools. When they are ready to license the image, they can directly do so within the desktop software. This makes the image easier to access and purchase.

In addition, Adobe Stock also acts as a standalone website. This expands the potential reach of the images to be seen by millions of users. There is no doubt that it will have a phenomenal effect on sales. The good news does not end there! Payouts in Fotolia subscriptions have been increased, too! From 20 to 25%, contributors are now entitled with up to 33% shares on all products. Furthermore, they are maintaining the existing Fotolia payout floors to protect their commissions on larger subscriptions.

What does Adobe Stock do?

adobe stock features

Adobe Stock increases the value of Creative Cloud as a vibrant global marketplace. According to Adobe’s senior vice president in Digital Media, 85% of customers who buy stock images use Adobe applications as their photo-editing software. With the integration of Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud, buying and using stock photos become incredibly easy. At the same time, it gives artists and photographers around the world contribute millions of new photos, illustrations and graphics.

Adobe Stock is now available in 36 countries and 13 languages. It can be easily managed and work with stock content. With simple and flexible pricing plans, it is also easy to purchase stock content. Also available as a standalone stock service, even those who are not members of Creative Cloud yet can purchase, download and sell stock images. Moreover, it provides high-impact creative content for mobile, web and even print projects.

Adobe welcomes you!

Adobe is more than thrilled to have you on board for this exciting adventure with Adobe Stock. The company is grateful to you for taking your creative journey with the Creative Cloud applications and, now, its brand new stock photo service. Exciting times are ahead and Adobe is looking forward to share it with you!

Why BigStock is Great for Stock Photos


Offering high-quality royalty-free stock photos, BigStock is a fast and super easy to use online marketplace for creative professionals. With more than 21 million photographs and illustrations available to you from the best artists around the globe, BigStock is a stock photo agency that you must consider when searching for image solutions. Keep reading to learn more about BigStockPhoto, who it is absolutely perfect for, how much stock photos cost on site, and other great benefits.


More than a Decade of Stock Photo Excellence

Founded in 2004 in Davis, California, BigStockPhoto shot up to become one of the leading stock photo communities available online. After just four years of growth and success, BigStockPhoto was acquired by the stock photo agency giant Shutterstock. After the two companies teamed up, BigStockPhoto became known as its shorter name BigStock in 2010.

BigStock Attracts Creative Customers

Because BigStock offers 21 million high-quality photos and illustrations as well stock footage, the ideal customer needs to have access to great photos consistently. Often customers are using several stock photos per day in their blogs, emails or for their graphic design projects. Companies that need images for advertisements on Facebook or other banner display ads utilize BigStock to optimize their ads for their target audience.

BigStock Pricing Plans

Like other stock photo companies, Bigstock offers both a subscription-based plan and a pay-as-you- go credit plan. These options are great for those who need flexibility and choosing the right plan depends on how many images your business is expected to use. Just found this Bigstock Coupon Code here.

BigStock Subscription Prices

In the image above you’ll see the basic layout of the BigStock subscription stock photo plan. Plans start with just 5 images per day and go up to as many as 50 images per day. If your business knows it will want to utilize BigStock’s service for an extended period of time, you can save money by paying in advance for three months or twelve months. If you pay in advance your business can save as much as 34% per image.

BigStock Credits

If the pay-as-you go credit plan makes more sense for your business, take a look at the image above. Credit plans start at as little as $35 which gives you 10 images at $3.50 a piece or as much as 500 images for $495. Depending on your needs, a credit plan with BigStock could be the perfect solution for your business.

Big Stock Free Trial

If you are still not sure which plan works for your business or whether BigStock is for you or not, they offer a free trial plan for new users. With this trial, you can get 1 free image per month for as long as you want. When you are ready, you can upgrade to one of the other plans as mentioned above.

Searching for The Perfect Photos on BigStock

BigStock has made it easy for you to find the perfect stock photo for your need. The search function allows you to easily locate photos and even suggests ways of optimizing your search. For example, you can try searching for the photo subject, style or the concept behind it.

In addition to the search function on BigStock, you can also browse photos by category. BigStock has gone through a lot of effort to categorize photos in an intuitive and straight-forward manner that makes it easy for users to locate the photos they need. For example, you can find photos in categories like editorial, architecture, sexy, and many more just to name a few.

The BigStock Satisfaction Guarantee

Because BigStock is so confident that you’re going to love the stock photo experience on their site, they offer every one of their customers a satisfaction guarantee. If you or your company purchase a BigStock subscription and for any reason at all you are not satisfied with the BiStock experience, you will receive a refund.

In order to qualify for this refund, you must be in your first month of subscription and not have downloaded more than 20 percent of the monthly allotment of photos. There are a few restrictions on the Bigstock satisfaction guarantee that you’ll want to know before asking for it.

BigStock User Support

Offering customers phone support and online chat, BigStock aims to make every customer happy. They are available to answer your questions 9-5pm EST M-F at 1-855-272-5125. Additionally you can find their live chat on site.

BigStockPhoto Review Conclusion

As one of the premier stock photo agencies available to creative professionals online today, BigStock offers solutions to fit businesses of varying sizes and needs. With a subscription plan model as well as a pay-as-you-go credit solution, BigStock aims to please all its customers and even offers a satisfaction guarantee at no risk to you. Did we miss anything about BigStock? Please share in the comments.

Dollar Photo Club Review


My business relies heavily on both online and printed marketing materials. We are constantly developing new materials and trying to stay on top of current trends with a professional appearance. Photography has never been better than today. No longer are we limited to the imagination of those in our immediate circle of influence. Millions of photos are now available almost instantly. But with the ease of uploading photos come a number of poor quality images. I’m very thankful to have found Dollar Photo Club as a one stop resource for all of our stock photography needs.

DPC seems to be closed for new Members

Just found this video from StockPhotoSecrets about the news that the dollar photo club is closed for new members. He explain a bit about his alternative.

Stock Photos – Extremely Simple With No Hassle

I don’t mind paying for high resolution photos that fit our exact needs. But I don’t want to pay a lot of money, because of my particular need for lots of images. DPC makes it very simple, because every image is just one dollar. We can run as many copies as we want and don’t have to worry about paying any type of royalty whatsoever. It’s a very simple and easy way to have access to high quality but cheap stock photos. There’s two types of memberships: One is an annual VIP membership for $99 that includes 99 images yearly. The other is a monthly billed fee of $10, including 10 images per month.

Either route you go, each additional photo you may need costs only one dollar each. It’s simple and straightforward. Every image is just a buck and costs you no more than that to use it regardless of how much or how often. So for large runs of printed materials, or small runs, there’s no worry. The use of the image is always a dollar. Our business has some months when we need more than ten images, and some where we need far less. The VIP membership is great for us because it gives us 99 to use any time throughout the year.

Quality AND Quantity at Dollar Photo Club

The old saying about quality over quantity doesn’t quite apply when it comes to stock photography. Quality should always be assumed, but unfortunately it isn’t on all online sites. Searching the internet for the right photo, only to find that the resolution isn’t adequate is more of a pain than most people realize. For those working on print or online marketing campaigns, they understand this problem and welcome a solution.

Dollar Photo Club offers over 26 million images to their members. Each and every one is only one dollar. There are no catches and no hidden fees. DPC is part of Fotolia, which is perhaps the most well known stock photography marketplace in the world. This allows them to offer something for everyone. I have never had any problems finding a variety of options for any particular type of image I needed.


User Friendly Website

The actual website is one of the best parts about the whole experience. The web address,, is very easy to remember. Once at the website, everything is very simple to use with a professional look and feel the entire time. The entire database is viewable without even having to log-in as a member. Images are available as photos, illustrations or vectors, and the search can be narrowed based on a several different choices.

I have personally found a lot of frustration in dealing with other stock photography sites. Each and every image had its own set of requirements. Some cost more than others, while some had set royalties at different levels of production. Personally, I love going to, finding what I want, and getting it without worrying about the legalities. Their partnership with Fotolia just makes the whole experience even more professional and legitimate in my opinion.

Dollar Photo Club – Simplicity at it’s Finest

Staying on top of trends and finding photography that compliments that is literally a full time job. It’s a big part of my business and not something that I can afford to take lightly. With an astounding 26 million images, a lot of my work is already done. People don’t want to pay too much for photography, but they don’t want garbage. Cheap stock photos can be a real gamble. But at Dollar Photo Club, I have had nothing but success. The process is quick, simple and very straightforward. It’s exactly what I need for my business, not only saving me money, but a lot of very valuable time.

Overview on Stock Photography and Stock Photo Agencies


Stock photography is the art of taking photographs with the intent of licensing them for specific uses. Usually, people use stock photographs simply because they are inexpensive and save time that could have been wasted during the process of hiring a photographer. The stock photographs are produced in modern studios and incorporate a wide array of models who pose as professionals expressing common gesticulation and emotions. In other occasions, pets may also be involved in those portraits. The agencies tasking themselves with the production and licensing of stock photography are popularly known as stock photography agencies. Famous niches in stock photography include images used in travel and tourism industry.

Overview Stock Photo Agencies

Types of Stock Photography

With many stock photography agencies in the market, to curb competition and enhance competence, three different packages have been developed mainly:

  1. Microstock – this package entails inclusive stock photography that is low price
  2. Macrostock – this is the traditional stock photography which deals with exclusive stock photography and therefore high in terms of price
  3. Midstock – this package deals with stock photography that is in between micro and macro; in terms of price.

Once the image is produced, there is a third party agency that files the image and negotiates licensing fees on behalf of the stock photography agency in exchange for a small fee or in rare cases own the outright of the image. Among the determinants of price include the size of the readership/audience, time of use, country or region the image will be used and whether royalties are credited to owner or creator.

The client purchasing the stock photography may request exclusive rights averting other from using the same photography for a specified duration of time or in the same business as him/her. This kind of arrangement calls for extra dollar since the client is literally preventing the agency from using the same image to make money. However, it is to be noted that with Royalty-free stock photography, getting exclusive usage right is no option.

History of Stock Photo Agencies

Initially, newspapers and magazine used to design their own photos and images. Later on, freelance photographers took on the task of taking photographs and then sell them to magazine and newspaper publishers. The trend continued till 1920 when H. Armstrong Robert founded the first large stock photography agency, today known as RobertStock. Many years passed and in 1980s there was a surge of interest into the stock photography market. Hobbyist photographers and individual freelance novice ventured into stock photography credit to the publication of series book named “Sell&Resell your Photos”.

After 1990, two largest stock photo agencies came in; Getty Images and Corbis. They dominated the market until 2000 when istockphoto came to picture. istockphoto revolutionized the industry by moving their business online and also reducing the price of royalty-free images. This was simply because high- resolution digital cameras were easily available in the wide market for newbie amateur photographers.

In 2004, other key stock agencies ventured into the market. They were Dreamstime, Fotolia and Shutterstock. The trend continued until now it is possible to take a photo using a mobile phone camera, upload it to the internet and sell it.

Top 5 Stock Agencies in the market

iStock – originally known as iStockphoto is an online micro stock photography agency. It was founded in May 2000 by Bruce Livingstone. It’s one of the stock photo agencies where an image can go for as low as $1. Over years, it has grown and consolidated its resources into purchasing other stock photography agencies such as the Getty images. Currently, in addition to selling stock Photos, it is now possible to sell stock videos under a portfolio popularly known as iStockvideo.

Shutterstock – came into inception in the year 2003 and was founded by called Jon Oringer. It prides itself with a library of over 30 million royalty stock photos, illustrations and vector graphics. In addition, just like iStockvideo, in its library, it has 1 million video clips ready for licensing. It developed Apps that can be used by people using iPads and Smart phones using Android OS. They also offer fairly often Shutterstock coupon codes online.

Depositphotos – also a royalty-free microstock photography agency founded by Dmitry Sergeev in the year 2009. Its headquarters are based in Fort Lauderdale in the United States but has offices all over the world. It also has good customer care with support in 15 different languages. There pricing is a bit different from others and for one to purchase an image, first you need to subscribe yourself with minimum monthly subscription of $49 per month. Once you start downloading the image you are charged a fee.

Dreamstime – is also another royalty-free microstock agency with its headquarters based in Nashville, TN and Bucharest Romania. It runs alongside iStock in providing inexpensive services to its clients. Its key products include: illustration, microstock photography and stock footage.

Fotolia – also based in New York, Fotolio is a microstock photography agency mainly dealing with stock photos, graphic designs and illustrator. It has a member counter more than 3,000,000 registered members trading in more than 17 million digital images.

Why purchase stock photos?

Besides saving you on time, below are a few advantages of purchasing
stock photographs:

• You choose from a wide array of photos hence quality of what you end up with suits your preference.
• With many photographers showcasing their work, you are in a good position to pick what is of good quality.
• Since all the transactions are online, you can do the purchasing anytime and from anywhere.
• You are not afraid of being sued in court for using someone’s photo without their consent.

Bottom Line – What Stock Photo Agency to use?

Before you venture into purchasing any photo, illustration, graphic design or videos online, first, you need to outline what you need and why you need it. Know your niche to avoid purchasing what will turn out to be irrelevant. Research on which agency will suit you best in terms of price, rights, what they offer and their rules and regulations. Then load your PayPal, visa, MasterCard account, log into stock agency of your choice and do the transaction. In addition, also carry out an extensive research on what clients in your niche find attractive to their eyes, this way, and the merchandise you purchase will give you the best you can think of.

Finding the Best Cheap Stock Photo Agencies


There’s a wide diversity of tools that can be used to assist a business owner with meeting these and other challenges. One of which is finding the best ways to market a new company, specifically by creating a successful campaign using  stock photos. Since the price of these photos can vary greatly from one online company to another, it is essential for these owners to shop around to find quality stock photos at cheap prices. Listed below are a few recommendations that both small business owners and the average person can use when they are looking for stock photos to fit their specific needs.

Choosing the most affordable Stock Photo Agencies

Best Cheap Stock Agency

In the past, the only way that a company or an individual could obtain quality photos for an ad campaign or personal needs was to hire a professional photographer that had the expertise that they needed. Today, things have changed dramatically since this same quality of photos can be found online via various stock photo sites. However, before an owner of a company or individual starts their search, there are some things that they will need to know about making the best choices. For instance, even though the most popular stock images will be presented first on many of these sites, there are other great photos available that may fit the situation even better. Therefore, it is a good idea to shop around before choosing the first images on the site. Also, by choosing the most unique photos, it’s lessens the persons chances of seeing the same stock photos on their competitor’s site. We recommend to check out for more infos about this. Another important factor to consider when choosing the best stock photos is to make sure the image that’s selected is the right size. In fact, most professionals recommend choosing the biggest sizes versus the smallest sizes that’s available. This strategy is normally the best choice because the smaller photos may not be usable for the project that the person has in mind. Which means, the only way to get a good quality print of it is to buy it all over again.

Stock Agencies with Cheap Photos

As there are so many different sites online that offer stock photos, it may be difficult to find cheap photos that have the highest quality. Therefore, it is important for people to shop around on sites that others normally recommend. Here’s three of the top most affordable and talked about stock photo sites on the web.


Shutterstock has a wide diversity of options that an individual or a small company can make their selection from and they include exclusive offers that give each buyer a low price of 28¢. In fact, the 28¢ price allows people to buy one royalty free stock photo. Also, by signing up, subscription holders have access to various kinds of bonuses and a weekly free stock photo.


While Shutterstock offers great prices and deals, there is another option that people can make their selections from. This is why some people will also search through the stock photos provided by Dreamstime. This sites lowest price is quoted at 20¢. Which means, they are offering one royalty free stock photo for a price that beats out Shutterstock by .08. People will also have a variety of different other offers available since the site offer numerous packages to the consumers that they supply their stock to.


Depositphotos is another great alternative for people who are getting started. For a bottomline low price of 10¢, the site beats out Shutter stock and Dreamtime. Because this site also have exclusive offers available to their visitors, people can sign up for a free trial that will allow them to download up to 35 stock photos within a 7 day trial period. Finding the best cheap stock photos does not have to be a difficult undertaking if the business owner or the individual knows what to look for and how to make choices when shopping around. Since there are many different types of stock photos available online today, buyers normally need a head up in knowing what types of stock photos to choose prior to making an investment. From making sure the person chooses the best size stock photo image to knowing what sites offer the best deals, there is a lot that people have access to if they take the time to do the research.

Top 5 Stock Photo Agencies


Stock Photo agencies are used to act as a media for the trade of images. These images are often gotten from amateur and experienced photographers who post their images to the website portals of these agencies. When a buyer buys any of these images or photos, he or she earns a commission which largely depends on the level of experience and also on his consistency. This greatly helps photographers to earn more revenue by selling their work online. In many cases, new persons to the agencies are required to register by providing some of their best shots. They also sell films and videos that also earn the owners some royalties. For none photographers, some of the agencies also offer affiliate programs where you earn by directing sales to the site. Check out for more infos or check the list below.

Below are the top 5 stock photo agency list

Top 5 Stock Photo Agencies


Shutterstock is one of the giants of stock photo stock agencies launched in 2003 by the Founder, John Oringer according to the Alexa stats and getting is popularity from 2005. As the pioneer of the microstock subscription formula, it still dominates that part of the photography market. This agency sells photos more than any other microstock agency, earning their space as the most top earners in microstock agencies. The nature of the search function in the site of this agency means that most photos sell well when they are newer than when they have taken some time since they were posted. The agency also offers affiliate programs to individuals who can direct sales to the site. The compensation rate ranges from $0.25 u to $0.38 per download which depends on your lifetime earnings. Additionally, consistency of posting is also a great contributor to increased revenue. Payouts are done monthly with the use of online payment methods when the balance is above $75. Check out our infos about cheap stock photos from Shutterstock.


Dreamstime is one of the stock photography agencies that have been able to distinguish itself from the other competition. This is because the agency also offers thousands of images for free downloading which many agencies don’t. Their system uses a well laid system of credits and other payment solutions, for the users to buy the photos. This is also a big difference compared to other agencies which charge a dollar for a photo. Some of the stand out features of Dreamstime includes image selection, affordable credit purchasing system and the free image selection. Once a purchaser or the user passes a certain limit on the free images service, you will have to buy credits in order to have further access to the usage of the photo. This will see you paying amount ranging from $9.99 to $3,739.99 which largely depends on the amount of credits you wish to buy and also the amount of images you want per day and the duration of the deal.

Getty Images

Getty Images support multiple formats of images and languages in their platform and deliver energizing and high quality images. They agency also offers different types of media formats ranging from film, video, medical, editorial, celebrity and other powerful stock photos. They also offer access to some of the elite photography collections such as the Time and Life Pictures, the National Geographic and also the Stone+. Some of the features that make it standout in the competition is the affordable prices they offer, the nature of product selection and also a solid reputation that they perceive. Getty Images offers a “Creative Express” type of subscription where members have access to download 50 images per day of over 60,000 images at a cost of $399 per month for the files ranging from 1 to 3 MB or 10-16MB for $499 per month. This agency also offers royalty-free and rights managed photos on the basis of per-image.


IStock is one of the largest stock photo agencies in terms of revenue that was founded by Bruce Livingstone. IStockphoto largely earn their credit by being the first ventures in the microstock industry. The website started by providing free photos, which later had to be charged in order to cover the costs incurred by the hosting. The user forums of the agency are also one of the most active forums in this industry. However, the founder Bruce Livingstone sold the company on February of 2006 to Getty images for a worth of $50million. The payout threshold for the agency is on $100 paid via Bookers, Payoneer, Check and PayPal. There is also a $10 one-time payment for the referral program for the referred buyers only. The compensation of the images ranges from 20% up to 40% for the exclusive photographers.


Fotolia is another stock photo agency that ranks in top positions of the stock photo industry and was launched in 2005 in France. The agency started as a European stock photography agency but later developed in to an internationally recognized brand. Their large base of images that range over 20 million photos has largely been driven by the company’s mission to accept both advanced photographer and amateurs in their galleries something that is not largely done by other agencies. It also provides some of the cheapest and extended licenses in the market of stock photography. Most of its products include photos, the vector images, audio and video that are all contributed by over 2.5 million designers and photographers worldwide. The Fotolia website supports over 13 languages and has over 3.5 million buyers. Fotolia credits starts as low as 0.75 per credit, a custom minimum purchase of 10 credits for $12. The maximum allowable purchase of credit is 6400 credits although the custom credit options are unlimited.

StockPhotoSecrets told us that Stock Photo agencies are a good media for earning that extra income either a photographer or a non-photographer. However, as a photographer, you should look for more options where you can sell your work. The same case applies to the amateurs who should look for the agencies that accept their work. Other than the sellers, buyers should also look for the agencies with a huge reputation just as the one ones mentioned above and also those that offer affordable prices. Stock photo agencies are the best platforms to use especially if you are a media personality such as a journalist or even a photographer.