Adobe Stock Launches with Fotolia


Fotolia’s standard photo collections have been added to the platform of Adobe Stock. As most of you know, Adobe strives to work within the creative industry by giving photographers their due compensation and the users with authorized images. The company aims to expand towards a multi-billion dollar sharing economy with the creative folks, including photographers and users. It hopes to achieve all these through its alliance with Fotolia.

Creative Cloud Integration: What’s in it for customers?

The integration of Creative Cloud with Adobe Stock allows existing members of the software application to launch Adobe Stock directly within the CC desktop software. Then, they can add watermarked or licenses images directly to their libraries, allowing them to access and work on them for their final creative project across multiple desktop tools. When they are ready to license the image, they can directly do so within the desktop software. This makes the image easier to access and purchase.

In addition, Adobe Stock also acts as a standalone website. This expands the potential reach of the images to be seen by millions of users. There is no doubt that it will have a phenomenal effect on sales. The good news does not end there! Payouts in Fotolia subscriptions have been increased, too! From 20 to 25%, contributors are now entitled with up to 33% shares on all products. Furthermore, they are maintaining the existing Fotolia payout floors to protect their commissions on larger subscriptions.

What does Adobe Stock do?

adobe stock features

Adobe Stock increases the value of Creative Cloud as a vibrant global marketplace. According to Adobe’s senior vice president in Digital Media, 85% of customers who buy stock images use Adobe applications as their photo-editing software. With the integration of Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud, buying and using stock photos become incredibly easy. At the same time, it gives artists and photographers around the world contribute millions of new photos, illustrations and graphics.

Adobe Stock is now available in 36 countries and 13 languages. It can be easily managed and work with stock content. With simple and flexible pricing plans, it is also easy to purchase stock content. Also available as a standalone stock service, even those who are not members of Creative Cloud yet can purchase, download and sell stock images. Moreover, it provides high-impact creative content for mobile, web and even print projects.

Adobe welcomes you!

Adobe is more than thrilled to have you on board for this exciting adventure with Adobe Stock. The company is grateful to you for taking your creative journey with the Creative Cloud applications and, now, its brand new stock photo service. Exciting times are ahead and Adobe is looking forward to share it with you!

Dollar Photo Club Review


My business relies heavily on both online and printed marketing materials. We are constantly developing new materials and trying to stay on top of current trends with a professional appearance. Photography has never been better than today. No longer are we limited to the imagination of those in our immediate circle of influence. Millions of photos are now available almost instantly. But with the ease of uploading photos come a number of poor quality images. I’m very thankful to have found Dollar Photo Club as a one stop resource for all of our stock photography needs.

DPC seems to be closed for new Members

Just found this video from StockPhotoSecrets about the news that the dollar photo club is closed for new members. He explain a bit about his alternative.

Stock Photos – Extremely Simple With No Hassle

I don’t mind paying for high resolution photos that fit our exact needs. But I don’t want to pay a lot of money, because of my particular need for lots of images. DPC makes it very simple, because every image is just one dollar. We can run as many copies as we want and don’t have to worry about paying any type of royalty whatsoever. It’s a very simple and easy way to have access to high quality but cheap stock photos. There’s two types of memberships: One is an annual VIP membership for $99 that includes 99 images yearly. The other is a monthly billed fee of $10, including 10 images per month.

Either route you go, each additional photo you may need costs only one dollar each. It’s simple and straightforward. Every image is just a buck and costs you no more than that to use it regardless of how much or how often. So for large runs of printed materials, or small runs, there’s no worry. The use of the image is always a dollar. Our business has some months when we need more than ten images, and some where we need far less. The VIP membership is great for us because it gives us 99 to use any time throughout the year.

Quality AND Quantity at Dollar Photo Club

The old saying about quality over quantity doesn’t quite apply when it comes to stock photography. Quality should always be assumed, but unfortunately it isn’t on all online sites. Searching the internet for the right photo, only to find that the resolution isn’t adequate is more of a pain than most people realize. For those working on print or online marketing campaigns, they understand this problem and welcome a solution.

Dollar Photo Club offers over 26 million images to their members. Each and every one is only one dollar. There are no catches and no hidden fees. DPC is part of Fotolia, which is perhaps the most well known stock photography marketplace in the world. This allows them to offer something for everyone. I have never had any problems finding a variety of options for any particular type of image I needed.


User Friendly Website

The actual website is one of the best parts about the whole experience. The web address,, is very easy to remember. Once at the website, everything is very simple to use with a professional look and feel the entire time. The entire database is viewable without even having to log-in as a member. Images are available as photos, illustrations or vectors, and the search can be narrowed based on a several different choices.

I have personally found a lot of frustration in dealing with other stock photography sites. Each and every image had its own set of requirements. Some cost more than others, while some had set royalties at different levels of production. Personally, I love going to, finding what I want, and getting it without worrying about the legalities. Their partnership with Fotolia just makes the whole experience even more professional and legitimate in my opinion.

Dollar Photo Club – Simplicity at it’s Finest

Staying on top of trends and finding photography that compliments that is literally a full time job. It’s a big part of my business and not something that I can afford to take lightly. With an astounding 26 million images, a lot of my work is already done. People don’t want to pay too much for photography, but they don’t want garbage. Cheap stock photos can be a real gamble. But at Dollar Photo Club, I have had nothing but success. The process is quick, simple and very straightforward. It’s exactly what I need for my business, not only saving me money, but a lot of very valuable time.

Top 5 Stock Photo Agencies


Stock Photo agencies are used to act as a media for the trade of images. These images are often gotten from amateur and experienced photographers who post their images to the website portals of these agencies. When a buyer buys any of these images or photos, he or she earns a commission which largely depends on the level of experience and also on his consistency. This greatly helps photographers to earn more revenue by selling their work online. In many cases, new persons to the agencies are required to register by providing some of their best shots. They also sell films and videos that also earn the owners some royalties. For none photographers, some of the agencies also offer affiliate programs where you earn by directing sales to the site. Check out for more infos or check the list below.

Below are the top 5 stock photo agency list

Top 5 Stock Photo Agencies


Shutterstock is one of the giants of stock photo stock agencies launched in 2003 by the Founder, John Oringer according to the Alexa stats and getting is popularity from 2005. As the pioneer of the microstock subscription formula, it still dominates that part of the photography market. This agency sells photos more than any other microstock agency, earning their space as the most top earners in microstock agencies. The nature of the search function in the site of this agency means that most photos sell well when they are newer than when they have taken some time since they were posted. The agency also offers affiliate programs to individuals who can direct sales to the site. The compensation rate ranges from $0.25 u to $0.38 per download which depends on your lifetime earnings. Additionally, consistency of posting is also a great contributor to increased revenue. Payouts are done monthly with the use of online payment methods when the balance is above $75. Check out our infos about cheap stock photos from Shutterstock.


Dreamstime is one of the stock photography agencies that have been able to distinguish itself from the other competition. This is because the agency also offers thousands of images for free downloading which many agencies don’t. Their system uses a well laid system of credits and other payment solutions, for the users to buy the photos. This is also a big difference compared to other agencies which charge a dollar for a photo. Some of the stand out features of Dreamstime includes image selection, affordable credit purchasing system and the free image selection. Once a purchaser or the user passes a certain limit on the free images service, you will have to buy credits in order to have further access to the usage of the photo. This will see you paying amount ranging from $9.99 to $3,739.99 which largely depends on the amount of credits you wish to buy and also the amount of images you want per day and the duration of the deal.

Getty Images

Getty Images support multiple formats of images and languages in their platform and deliver energizing and high quality images. They agency also offers different types of media formats ranging from film, video, medical, editorial, celebrity and other powerful stock photos. They also offer access to some of the elite photography collections such as the Time and Life Pictures, the National Geographic and also the Stone+. Some of the features that make it standout in the competition is the affordable prices they offer, the nature of product selection and also a solid reputation that they perceive. Getty Images offers a “Creative Express” type of subscription where members have access to download 50 images per day of over 60,000 images at a cost of $399 per month for the files ranging from 1 to 3 MB or 10-16MB for $499 per month. This agency also offers royalty-free and rights managed photos on the basis of per-image.


IStock is one of the largest stock photo agencies in terms of revenue that was founded by Bruce Livingstone. IStockphoto largely earn their credit by being the first ventures in the microstock industry. The website started by providing free photos, which later had to be charged in order to cover the costs incurred by the hosting. The user forums of the agency are also one of the most active forums in this industry. However, the founder Bruce Livingstone sold the company on February of 2006 to Getty images for a worth of $50million. The payout threshold for the agency is on $100 paid via Bookers, Payoneer, Check and PayPal. There is also a $10 one-time payment for the referral program for the referred buyers only. The compensation of the images ranges from 20% up to 40% for the exclusive photographers.


Fotolia is another stock photo agency that ranks in top positions of the stock photo industry and was launched in 2005 in France. The agency started as a European stock photography agency but later developed in to an internationally recognized brand. Their large base of images that range over 20 million photos has largely been driven by the company’s mission to accept both advanced photographer and amateurs in their galleries something that is not largely done by other agencies. It also provides some of the cheapest and extended licenses in the market of stock photography. Most of its products include photos, the vector images, audio and video that are all contributed by over 2.5 million designers and photographers worldwide. The Fotolia website supports over 13 languages and has over 3.5 million buyers. Fotolia credits starts as low as 0.75 per credit, a custom minimum purchase of 10 credits for $12. The maximum allowable purchase of credit is 6400 credits although the custom credit options are unlimited.

StockPhotoSecrets told us that Stock Photo agencies are a good media for earning that extra income either a photographer or a non-photographer. However, as a photographer, you should look for more options where you can sell your work. The same case applies to the amateurs who should look for the agencies that accept their work. Other than the sellers, buyers should also look for the agencies with a huge reputation just as the one ones mentioned above and also those that offer affordable prices. Stock photo agencies are the best platforms to use especially if you are a media personality such as a journalist or even a photographer.