6 Insider Tips to Help You Find the Right Alamy Stock Images


Alamy’s expert image research team finds the perfect images very quickly. It seems they know the secret to landing the best stock images out there, so creative professionals can complete their various projects. Thankfully, the stock site shares its knowledge about effective image search to help beginner and seasoned professionals with their creative projects.

  • Use image categories. Are you stuck with your image search? The stock photo website gives you inspiration from awesome Alamy stock images, click here for Alamy review. Try out one of the over 50 categories to find the latest and the best content. Whatever you are working on, you will surely find inspiration in some of the popular categories, such as Business, Travel, and Wildlife.
  • Find images of the same photographer. If you love the works of a specific photographer, you do not have to scour through every photo just to find his work. Alamy shows you similar images from the same photographer with the “More” button. Most often, you will find images with the same model on different poses and settings which could be exactly what you need.
  • Search according to color. Are you using a specific palette for your company? If you are searching for images in your brand colors, this tool will help you filter search results by color. Just choose the color you like to use and type in the code.
  • Use the search bar. Probably the most common search tool, the search bar allows you to find the image you are looking for by filtering your searches. To Alamy stock images, check the boxes to select your license type and release preference. You can also click on the drop down arrow of the search bar to choose among photos, illustrations, videos, live news and mobile.
  • Roll over the image. Find more details about the image by rolling over the thumbnail of the image in the search results. By doing so, you will be able to see the caption and learn more about the image, such as who and what is the subject of the image, and where it was taken.

  • Build a lightbox. Alamy is one of the few stock photo agencies that feature lightboxes to help you save your favorite images. A lightbox allows you to place all the image you love in one place so you can come back and review them later. Of course, you will need to set up an account with the website to start saving images.

These are simple but effective ways to find the right Alamy stock images for your creative projects. You can use some of them to find images not only in Alamy, but other stock websites as well. In addition, Alamy’s website redesign will certainly make the image search easier and faster.